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Advantages and disadvantages of PPR pipe, copper pipe, aluminum-plastic pipe, galvanized pipe, PVC pipe

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PPR pipe:cost-effective and environmentally friendly

      As a new type of pipe material, PPR pipe has a unique advantage.It can be used as a cold water pipe, hot water pipes can also be used.PPR pipe interface with hot-melt technology, fully integrated between the tubes together.So once installation and pressure test passed,there are not the same as the aluminum pipe leaking a long time on the aging phenomenon.

      Advantage:moderate price, stable performance, heat insulation, corrosion resistance, smooth inner wall, safe and reliable, does not penetrate, use fixed number of year can be up to 50 years.

      Disadvantages:the construction technical requirements higher, need to use special tools and professionals to undertake construction in order to ensure system safety.


Brass pipe:corrosion resistance and bactericidal

      It is fine quality of the water pipe,has two interface ways:ferrule and welding.At present, most of the copper pipe installation is welding. It can like the PPR pipe, never leakage.Because of its expensive, generally is widely used in high-grade apartment or villa.


Aluminum-Plastic pipe: easy to aging and easy leakage

      Aluminum tubes used to be more popular on the market as a pipe due to its light weight, durable and easy construction, which can be more suitable for using in home improvement. It gradually did not have the market. Products are being phased out.

Advantages: the price is cheaper, can be arbitrary curved bow, smooth surface, construction is convenient.

Disadvantages: easy to aging, the use of hidden trouble is much, use fixed number of year is short, the practice has proved that in the use of a year later, the pipe joint leakage phenomenon appear easily.


Galvanized pipe: easy to plug ,easily contaminated

      China ministry of construction and other four ministries and commissions also send civilization to be banned from 2000 galvanized pipe, the new district of cold water pipe has been rarely used galvanized pipe.

 Advantages: the variety is complete, supporting pipe fittings.

 Disadvantages: belong to the state to ban the use of obsolete products, corrosion rust easily, cause water not free, easy to cause the pollution of water.


PVC pipe: easy to fracture, easy to deformation

       In fact it is a kind of plastic pipe,usually with adhesive bonding interface.Because of its ability to frost and heat is not good, it is difficult to use as a hot water pipe; Strength is not to pipe pressure requirements, so rarely use cold water pipe.In most cases, PVC pipe is suitable for the wire and tube and drainage pipes.In addition, make PVC more soft chemical additive phthalein, impact on the kidney, liver, testes in the human body, can cause cancer, kidney damage, so don't recommend you to buy.

 Advantages: lightweight, easy installation, low cost, also is not easy to decay.

 Disadvantages: low quality will be very fragile, easy to fracture, it is easy to deformation when it is heated.